Susie Dureau in her studio

Susie Dureau in her studio


Here is a link to the trailer for the film
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I have been involved in the making of a film this year. The film is called HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN and is produced and directed by the talented filmmaker Siobhan Costigan. The film has been an extraordinary meeting of minds and talents from conception to post production... and now distribution! It has been included in several film festivals including festivals in NSW, Victoria and Queensland, the Heartland Film Festival in the USA and the Reykjavik Shorts and Docs Festival in Iceland. It has also been screened on SBS Television and SBS On Demand throughout 2015 and 2016.

The basic synopsis as worded by the Heartland film festival is this: Susie Dureau’s paintings are landscape-based, but the dramatic storm scenes, moody cloudscapes and raging oceans are much more than literal depictions of the wildness and unpredictability of nature. They also represent strong metaphors for experiences in Susie’s life, and the act of painting is one that enables her to process those experiences.

Its been such an honour to work with:
Director and Producer: Siobhan Costigan
Cinematographer: Michael Steel
Editor: Danielle Boesenberg
Music: Steve Francis
Sound Mixer: Peter Purcell
Post Production: David Bardwell

The film has been dedicated to the memory of my first daughter Eva Serena.